The Art Deco Ceramics of Wil de Boed  


Abstract Airbrush Art Deco Mantel Clocks

A good example of forms that don’t match very well with the decorations on them are some of my ceramic mantel clocks. The forms were probably already in use long before the art deco decade. Several of my clocks are also known with landscape and floral decorations on them. These were partially produced in the thirties. But there are also more art nouveau like decorations known on the same forms, probably produced in the beginning of the 20th century.

More detailed information about this subject can be obtained at the Clockarium Museum in Brussels, Belgium.

My clocks are mainly produced in Czechoslovakia and in Belgium. In the beginning there was some kind of co-production between the Czechs and Belgium. BIHL (and perhaps another factory) produced the ceramics in Eastern Europe and then exported to Belgium, where the clockworks were assembled. Later on some Belgian factories decided to produce complete clocks themselves. In several cases the techniques they used in my opinion were of minor quality compared to for instance BIHL. Germany hardly produced any ceramic clocks with art deco decorations. Exception was at least Sörnewitz Meissen, as my clock number 17 proves.

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