The Art Deco Ceramics of Wil de Boed  


Abstract Airbrush Art Deco Ceramic Dishes 1/3

Around 1930 many different tart dishes with abstract, geometrical airbrush decorations were produced, mainly in Germany but also in Eastern Europe countries like Poland and Czechoslovakia.

Determining production dates is quite simple as far as some factories go. The dates were stamped into the back of the ceramic (day-month-year). In several cases though, it’s hard or impossible to deduct production dates.

Obviously, people in Germany have been eating a lot of tarts at the time, as opposed to Dutch an Belgian people. Some German factories such as Paetsch and Gruenstadt tried to export tart dishes to Belgium and the Netherlands, but apparently without success. The big Dutch ceramics factories like De Sphinx and Société Céramique (both from Maastricht) did produce some abstract airbrush ceramics but hardly any tart dishes or clocks.

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